Hi, and welcome to holypsd! Here I post my own PSD's, which I make whenever I'm in the mood te create one. You can always send me a request, but sorry if I answer late; I'm not very often on her.

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Download HERE.

Anonymous → asked: Can I use your GoT PSD's for my own graphics? (:

They’re textures, not PSD’S, but sure! :)

psd 011 - [1] [2]

→ tvd coloring. works best on light/colorful scenes.

22 750x850 textures all made with Game of Thrones captures.
These are my first textures, so I hope they’re a bit good.
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4 TVD PSD’S but they have a lot of options. You can make them lighter or more vibrant etc.
Works on gifs and caps aswell.
Download HERE.

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Change the curves layer to make it suit your image.
You can delete the pink layer or change the opacity to make it a more neutral PSD.
Download HERE.

damonseyes → asked: carolinescurls showed me your psds and i love them! so amazing and great to work with too :-)

thanks! so glad you like them

Anonymous → asked: can you recreate psds? :)

I could try it - but I can’t promise anything because I haven’t tried it before :)

Two The Vampire Diaries PSD’s, one for light scenes and one for dark scenes. Also has an B&W option.

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Contains B&W optin ~ fits with candids + red carpet pictures + photoshoots.